Research and Development Committee



  •   • To encourage the creative energy of student population to work on new ideas and innovation and promote them to create start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

  •   •To identify the best ideas and providing them a ‘womb’ to incubate eventually to transform into a Startup or entrepreneur endeavor.

  •   •To soliciting an entrepreneur through the application of knowledge and expertise – academic as well as industrial.

  •   •To empowering an idea with all important ingredients and resources aiding its conversion into a successful product or service.

  •   •To bring socio-economic change in the country by finding innovative solutions to the daily met problems.


Members of the Research and Development Committee:

S.NONAME Designation
1 Dr. T. Sunder Selwyn Principal
2 Dr. K. Senthil Convener
3 Mrs. M. Bharanidivya Co-Convener
4 Mrs. B. Uma Member, Dept of CSE
5 Mrs. S. Shalini Member, Dept of AI&DS
6 Mrs. S. Madhumathi Member, Dept of BME
7 Mrs. R. Shanmuga Priya Member, Dept of Cyber Security