IQAC in the institution was constituted in the academic year 2017. The IQAC is the pivotal body of the college which directs all the efforts of the institution for the realization and manifestation of quality enhancement. The IQAC functions to urge and encourage the departments in all their scholastic and non-scholastic activities which focus on the total quality management of the institution. The institutional policy with regard to quality assurance is to enhance research facilities, to start more courses/programs and develop infrastructure facilities. It acts as an advisory body for academic and co-curricular activities. The IQAC identifies the academic and infrastructural needs of the institution and takes necessary steps to fulfill them. The IQAC functions with the help of various committees that discharge multiple duties and responsibilities to promote the development of the institution. It also acts as a link between the Management, Staff and students, Alumni, public, College and the like. The IQAC focuses on the provisions for exemplification of excellence in all domains of the college. Quality education coupled with a healthy attitude to life is the main agenda of the IQAC. It also strives for best practices in modern method of teaching learning process.

The Quality Assurance Cell plays a major role by framing the guiding principles of the Institution. The IQAC along with the Governing Council formulated the Code of conduct policies for both students and the staffs. The team also ensures that the information is communicated and shared to all the stakeholders. Educating and creating awareness about the guidelines is also one of the important responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Cell. The Involvement of members of the institution in quality sustenance and enhancement through democratic and participatory approach is being practiced and preached in the institution. The Code of Conduct has become a way of living in the campus. Every year the IQAC team plans and implements the events to enhance and improve the work culture and the organization culture in the college campus. IQAC also instructs and educates other clubs and committees to ensure the disciplined culture among the students, faculty members and staffs. Periodical reviews of the committees are also conducted by the IQAC team to ensure the professional values and the professional way of living among the students and staffs.

IQAC Vision

  •   • To cultivate a culture of quality, creativity, and collaboration in our institution in order to be a driving force in supporting educational excellence and ongoing progress.

IQAC Mission

  •   • To encourage and uphold a culture of constant development inside our organization. the means of our quality control activities.

  •   • To raise the standard of education, learning, and research and to make sure that our institution continues to be an innovator in academic achievement.

  •   • To collaborate with every stakeholder involved, to promote a climate of transparency, responsibility, and cooperation, and to contribute to the general growth of our institution

  •   • Fostering a learner-centric environment for faculty and staff that supports the institution's mission and vision.