About Us

Department of Mechanical Engineering is the broadest, encompassing a wide variety of engineering fields and many specialties. The mechanical engineers are employed in an enormous range of technical areas including: acoustics, air-conditioning, automatic controls, computer-aided design, energy management, fluid dynamics, robotics, biomechanics and turbo machinery, just to name a few. Mechanical engineering is a challenging, rewarding and highly respected profession.


To produce competent Mechanical Engineers who will be globally acceptable and adaptable.
To ensure 100% of students take their degree at the end of the stipulated duration of course.The objective of this programme is to mould students by coupling theoretical knowledge imparted in class, with intensive exposure to industry thereby, boosting skills of to-be engineers. The five year in-plant training includes visits to different industries, orientation towards industrial practices and comprehensive executive skill development training.


To imbibe in the minds of students that there is no substitute for hard work and with disciplined life they can reach greater height.

To infuse scientific knowledge in the students and provide guidance through knowledge centric teachers for pursuing research in mechanical engineering.

To impart in-depth knowledge and training in the field of Mechanical engineering covering energy, thermal, design, manufacturing, industrial management, environment and to expose students to the latest research, development and techniques, so as to cater to the growing needs of the industries and to mould the students as good CITIZENS of our country.